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WCSO Uses Notification System to Send Alerts to Residents

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The Walton County Sheriff's Office has an innovative way to let people know what's going on around the county, especially in cases of emergency. Imagine getting a message to your mobile phone, telling you about an emergency situation in your area. The Walton County Sheriff's Office is making that possible for its citizens.

"It's another avenue to get the information out, whether they're at work, they may be in the car, no matter where they're at this is just another tool for us to let citizens know what's going on in Walton county", said WCSO spokesperson Catherine RoRodriguez
t's called Hyper-Reach and it's an emergency alert system for residents in Walton County. "The Hyper-Reach is instrumental in making sure it is accurate information because it's coming from our agency and its just one other way for us to get the information out, and it kind of helps with some of the phone calls and emails, but that's part of my job to get the information out there, it's kind of like a partner to give the information out, and it's accurate and timely", said RodriqRodriguez
you're signed up...you'll start receiving alerts about serious traffic incidents, weather news and other emergency alerts. "A lot of times we hear something come in to dispatch, then we've got one of our dispatchers that will type everything up and they'll send out the notification so it's pretty quick, it's not something where there's a huge delay so they'll know pretty quickly after we do whats hapwhat'sg and we think that's great. WE want the citizens to be involved", said RodriquezRodriguez
n extreme emergency situation, you don't always have to be signed up to be in the know. Anyone can receive alerts from the Hyper-Reach notification system as long as your emergency alerts are turned on on your smartphone.

With just more than 1,000 people signed up to receive mobile alerts, WCSO would like residents to know it is a free service that could prove beneficial. "Ultimate goals are that our citizens know what is happening in their community. We want to be a transparent agency, we want to share information through our social media, through our website and having a tool like hyper-reach", said Rodriquez.

So, how Rodriguezgn up for the notifications, go to the WCSO website at Waltonso.org...click the Hyper-Reach logo and fill out the form. You can choose what notifications you receive and how. If you're not a Walton County resident but still would like to know what's going on, you can find all of the same information on their Twitter account.