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Callaway Home Struck By Lightning

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Severe weather has impacted many areas of the panhandle, Tuesday, but the storm was especially tragic for one Callaway family.

A fire broke out after their home on Plantation Road was struck by lightning.

Brian Thompson, homeowner, was at work when he got a phone call from his wife. He rushed home as quickly as possible, but the multiple fire departments beat him there.

"I could hear the panic in her voice; she said there was a lightning strike and could smell smoke,” said Thompson.

"Crews arrived on scene in about 2 minutes, they made entry but at that time they didn't notice any fire, but they did notice heavy smoke billowing from the roof,” said Chief David Joyner. “So they went ahead and gained access to the roof and there was active fire contained in the roof and that’s when they went to attack mode."

A lightning strike was responsible for the fire, although about ten minutes later the fire crews had the flames under control. Springfield and Bay County also responded.

"There is roof damage, but as in contents there might be able to salvage some of the stuff," said Joyner.

Thompson said they had an emergency plan to get themselves and their pets out safely, but its hard to be fully prepared for a phone call you never want to get. 

"That is the first thing I was thinking.. ‘Gosh I hope my wife can get everybody out of the house’, because it’s a lot to handle big bird cages and the dogs are larger breed,” said Thompson.

Despite the misfortune, the homeowners remain in good spirits and know they have their neighbors to count on during this time of need.

"Overall, it was not a great day, but everybody is safe,” he said. “My wife is safe, I'm safe, our pets our safe and at the end of the day that’s all we really care about.. It's just stuff."

Thompson says they have a camper that they can stay in with their pets for the time being. They were offered Red Cross Assistance, but decided instead that they would much rather give that opportunity to someone who needs it more than they do.