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Flooding an Issue in Holmes County

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With heavy amounts of rain in the past 48 hours, Holmes County is also among those in the Panhandle dealing with flooding and the dangers that come with it. Residents in Bonifay still haven't fully recovered from last summer's flooding.
"I don't want to lose my property, I don't want my family living like that", Sandra Carry has lived through many floods in Holmes County but says she's never seen anything like this. "My place has never been underwater before, this has never happened, I've lived there for just more than 15 years, not even the flood in 1994 flooded", said Carry.

"Sod Road has flooded before but not to this magnitude, we are investigating it, and looking into some ways to fix it", said Wanda Stafford, the Emergency Management Director.
Holmes County currently has 26 roads closed but as the rain continues, the flooding does too. "Right now, if we can get the flash flooding and water out of low lying areas, we will be okay", said Stafford.
Homeowners like Carry are concerned with the dangers that come with flood waters. "We've got garbage, snakes, rats, ants, sewages, and that's all hazardous", said Carry.
The county only has three pumps right now, officials say they're doing as much as they can given the circumstances. "schools will be open, students on these roads will be excused."
But Carry is afraid of losing everything. "If this doesn't get fixed I've lost an acres and 2 trailers that I worked ."
The public works crew is working to get the roads repaired and back open, but say they can't do much to the dirt roads until the dry out.