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Conditions Improving in Bay County

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The harsh weather caused issues for many panhandle residents including those in the northern parts of Bay County.

Thursday, many of the washed out roads are on the mend.

Nearly 100 roads and bridges employees were spread out conquering as many of the road issues as possible.
"We're doing the best we can out here trying to get the roads open and safe,
said David Tharp, Bay County Roads and Bridges Manager.

In the northern areas of Bay County, multiple roads had to be closed because of wash outs.. County crews were out, Thursday, fixing multiple areas at once.

"We are coming in once the water receded. We can
t come in and evaluate the areas until then we are just kind of waiting for the water to come down."

For example, Scotts Ferry Road of Highway 231 had water flowing over it, Wednesday. The water caused a hole nearly 3 feet deep on the shoulder.

"We brought in 3 dump truck loads of lime rock to help stabilize the area.. It was unsafe to drive," said Tharp.

Water has started to recede and driving conditions are improving, but the county is still on-alert monitoring the situation.

"We are monitoring road conditions and closures for emergency vehicles and assisting anyone that need it with evacuation,
said Deputy Chief Brad Monroe, Bay County Emergency Services.  We are also standing by for the western counties for any assistance that they might need over there."

State Road 20 at the Econfina Bridge is the only road in Bay County that is still closed but drivers are urged to use caution everywhere.

There are some other locations where water is across the road, said Monroe. You dont want to go through that.. It could cause your vehicle to hydroplane or float away.. Its very dangerous."

Chief Monroe says they are still at a level 2 emergency status, but he expects that by Friday morning they will be able to reduce that back to a level 3, which means business as usual.