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Tornado Touchdowns Confirmed in Jackson County

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Wednesdays severe weather brought flash floods and strong winds to the Panhandle. In Jackson County many trees were blown over taking down power lines, blocking roads and damaging homes, but the worst damage was confirmed Thursday by the National Weather Service.

Two National Weather Service or NWS meteorologists from Tallahassee spent the day in Jackson County studying and documenting three areas that show signs of tornado touchdowns. Right around 2 am Wednesday morning our Chief Meteorologist, Justin Kiefer, urged people in the Campbellton and Graceville areas to get in a safe place, strong rotations were spotted and debris was on the radar. Those warnings were spot on. Thursday afternoon NWS followed the path of broken trees and damaged homes. By studying the type of trees that were snapped in two and assessing home damage, NWS confirmed wind speeds between 90 & 100 miles per hour. Two tornadoes touched down in the county and were categorized as an EF-1. Meaning there was moderate and significant roof damage, broken windows and mobile homes turned over.