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FHP Looking for Second Subject After High Speed Chase

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Two people lead authorities on a high-speed chase late afternoon.
Around 4 pm, the Florida Highway Patrol attempted to pull over a truck that was speeding south bound on Highway 231. It eventually left 231 and turned onto highway 2301.
As the truck looped around Lakeshore Drive and attempted to turn back on highway 231 one of the truck's tires blew out, both the driver and the passenger fled on foot the first suspect was quickly captured by a retired Sheriff's Deputy.

“He's going to be placed in the Bay County Jail charged with a felony, and then my trooper will secure a warrant for the other individual that was operating the truck at the time,” says Sgt. J.D. Johnson from the Florida Highway Patrol.

The other person was chased across 231...but eventually got away. Authorities are still looking for that suspect tonight. If you have any information about this case you can call the bay county sheriff’s office at 747-4700 or you can remain anonymous by calling crime stoppers at 785-tips