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Trash Can Fires at Rutherford High School Under Investigation

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The cause of three trash can fires at a Bay County High School is under investigation.

Rutherford High School students were evacuated from their classes just minutes before the end of the school day after a student pulled the fire alarm. School leaders are praising the student who pulled the alarm as smoke from the trash can fires started to fill small parts of the campus.

"Thankfully, our [emergency] procedures worked. All the students were safe, and all went well. There was no major damage," Principal Coy Pilson said.  "But, we are still investigating it."

Springfield firefighters and police officers, Bay County Sheriff's investigators, and the State Fire Marshal arrived at the school shortly after the evacuation. Firefighters said the trash inside of three 55 gallon cans were on fire. They were able to quickly put the fires out and ventilate the areas of campus where the cans were.

As of Thursday night, the cause of the fires are unknown. The Bay County Sheriff's Office and State Fire Marshal's Office are investigating.

"We're hoping that it was an accident. Initially, it looks like it may have been intentional. It may have been a prank," Pilson said.  "I'm hoping that it's not [intentional], but our local authorities are looking into it."