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Modern Medicine: Detecting Melanoma

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May 5 is Melanoma Monday, which is a day dedicated to raising awareness about early detection.  Dermatologists say the best way to detect skin cancer is to have an annual skin screening.

Dermatologist Dr. Jon Ward from Gulf Coast Dermatology says neglecting check-ups and ignoring spots on the skin can lead to a serious problem, such as melanoma.

“There are types of skin cancer that aren't as serious as other types of cancer.  However, melanoma is every bit as serious, if not more serious as the other forms of cancer you hear people dying from,” explains Dr. Ward.

Skin screenings are quick and painless.  They can also be a life saver.

According to Dr. Ward, “If it's detected early, it's not very deadly at all, but if you don't catch it early, if it gets outside of the skin, then your survival rates go down significantly.”

Gulf Coast Dermatology is hosting a free skin cancer screening at 11 locations in Florida and Alabama on Friday, May 2.  To schedule your free screening, call 233-3376.