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Little Girls, Big Mission

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It looks like your average tent sale on Summer Breeze Road in Panama City Beach.  
It's got everything a good yard sale needs; art, clothing, and accessories. 
But, with one big difference -- it's run entirely by girls not even old enough to drive.  
Emma Roberts and her sister started the company called The Seed Sowers after Emma took a small idea to the next level...  
"My sister Madeleine sows and she decided to help me," said Emma, 11 years of age. "So we got some friends together and got a company started." 
"My sister starting selling books and then I wanted to help," she said. "So I said I'll sell for you and we could make a company." 
Emma originally started writing books to help pay for books of her own. 
"My first one wasn't that good because I just started," said Emma. "But, I got better when I started writing more."
But as Emma's sales started to soar she found a bigger reason to put pen to paper.  
"I really don't know," she said. "I just feel like God was telling me to do it -- so I did." 
Emma picked up a magazine about helping with missions over seas, but instead of going for a couple hundred dollar donation she decided to raise money to build a well.  
"We need a $1000," said Roberts. "We have around $400."
So the Robert's girls gathered up some of their closest friends and put their talents to work.  
"Well my friend Emma wanted me to be in the company so I said 'yes'" said Easton Schmidt. "That's what happened really." 
Every one of them donating a part to the sale they crafted themselves.  
And they'll keep doing it until Roberts and her friends find a new mission to tackle.  
"Until we get enough money to build a well," said Emma. "Then we are going to set new goals and keep doing it."