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Public Works Program Working to Get Ahead of the Storm

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Last weeks rain event is yet another reminder of just how ruthless mother nature can be.  

From approximately seven in the morning until almost 10 o'clock AM rainfall in Panama City averaged more than three inches of rain.  

The tetorrentialown pour in the area of Cincinnati Avenue was one of the hardest hit areas in the city.  

"We did fine Wednesday morning up until 9 o'clock," said Panama City Public Works Superintendent Marcus Parrish.

"That's when we started having intense rains a half an inch in 10 minutes -- that's a lot of rain.

The water was just inches from some of the homes on Cincinnati and left shin deep water standing in the roadway for almost half the day. Residents could just watch and hope for the rain to stop.  
"Here we go again," said Alexis Weaver on the day of the flooding.

"We can handle three inches of rain through a day -- that's no problem," said Parrish. "But, when you get so much within the hour, that's when the water starts building." 

While a nearby pumping station was working it failed to keep up with the amount of rainfall the area endured.  
But, with a new system put into place after last years Fourth of July storm Parrish can access incoming information from his phone. Without even getting up from his desk he can activate pumps by just a click of a button.  

"If i wanted to I could cut it on from [my desk] right now," said Parrish. "And it would activate all the pumps."

Parrish admits while the program alerts crews when water levels rise or when there's a hiccup there may not be an answer that is conducive to the amount of rainfall the area saw last week.  

"We know where the danger zones are and where we may need to activate and get additional pumps out there," said Parrish. "We did all that Wednesday and it still wasn't enough.

"It just couldn't keep up." 

Parrish says despite rain totals there were no reported damages to any homes on Cincinnati Avenue.