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Bay County Commissioner Reflect On Rainfall

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Last weeks high rainfall totals, scooters and next years budget are just a few of the topics the County Commission tackled, Tuesday.

Commissioners mentioned the damaging flooding and the work county employees have done to rebuild. Employees were relying on weather forecasts and outside working as quickly as they could.

Some roads and bridges had damage through the week and some homes, especially in the deer point area, suffered from damaging floods.

"While we regret that some folks have had some problems, there is only so much that we can do humanly possible to try to alleviate,
said Commissioner Guy Tunnell.  I think we did the best we could under those circumstances."

The commission also addressed the topic of scooter rental regulations on the beach. A business owner approached the board to ask for an extension before the county starts enforcing the 1 million dollar liability insurance requirement passed last month.

The commission had a good discussion, but ultimately decided to uphold the decision they made which will put the scooter business more in-line with the insurance requirements other businesses are held to. Scooter rental businesses will also be required to get vehicle inspections each year.

Those requirements are set to take effect next week.

"I understand them wanting to do that, but the fact is that there are a lot of accidents with those things and they need to have insurance like every other business that we license in the county,
said Commissioner Mike Thomas. They should come under the same rules as everybody else."

Commissioners also started the budget planning process. The county is seeing a proposed increase in revenue from ad valorem taxes, but they are still working with a large budget shortfall.

"We still are in a situation with our general fund being over 5 million shortfall,
said Ashley Stukey, Budget Officer. Recurring revenues are roughly 5 million less than recurring expedexpenditureshow do we therefore balance our budgets? That is we use our cash."

Stukey is meeting with various department heads and will have more in-depth budget information at the next meeting on May 20th at 1:30om at the Government Center