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The Tax Made Cents in Jackson County

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Voters in Jackson County say yes to renew the Half Cent Sales Tax. County schools receive $2.3 million a year from the tax providing students with the tools they need to be successful.

f you drive your children to school or drive by a Jackson County School, you have probably seen banners with a dollar amount that the Half Cent Sales Tax has provided the school. Beside that amount is a list of how the money has impacted the school. In the last 18 years the tax has raised $30 million for Jackson County Schools.

he half cent tax was approved by nearly 70% of voters. Money collected through the tax is used by all county schools and the board delegates how the funds are dispersed. With a state push towards tablets and online testing, the county uses over twenty percent of funds for technology. The other 80% is used for structural updates, classroom necessities, cafeteria expansions and other projects in the five year plan.  Without the 1/2 Cent Tax, school funding would have come from other areas like taxing property owners. The tax will be in effect until 2025.