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Modern Medicine: Birth Trauma

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Choosing a pediatrician is an important decision. Doctors say the first medical assessment after a baby is born is crucial.  

Pediatrician Dr. Ahmed Rezk says birth trauma is not uncommon. Prolonged labor or the mode of delivery can cause trauma, which can lead to swelling of the head.

Jennifer Doss says she had an easy pregnancy and delivery and was shocked that her son Phineas suffered birth trauma.

“Shortly after he was born he had a cephalohematoma. It's like a big blood blister trauma to the head that took up most of his head on the top.   We had to come to the doctor's office every other day for 2 weeks and then after that once or twice a week. We had to do CT scans. It was scary, scary stuff,” Doss says.

Dr. Rezk explains that “birth trauma can cause problems like cerebral palsy if you're not careful, can cause problems with jaundice, which can also cause problems with brain development and cause cerebral palsy as well.”

Dr. Rezk says a careful assessment after birth is crucial in identifying birth trauma right away.

Phineas is now 1 and has no long term complications.

“He's normal. He's walking. He talks. He does everything that he's supposed to. I attribute it to great care,” Doss says with a smile.

Dr. Rezk says it's important to choose a pediatrician that you're comfortable with before your child's birth. He says if monitored closely, in a lot of cases, there are no long term complications from birth trauma.