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Another Bear Encounter in St. Andrews

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Residents like Dennis Stanley got quite the wake up call Monday morning.

"I jumped up to see how come my dog is barking like that, and walked out here and there was a bear up a tree," said Stanley. "I couldn't believe it."

His neighbors couldn't believe it either. Many of them were eager to snap a picture and capture the moment themselves as another bear makes its way into a St. Andrews neighborhood. 

"It's a different bear, this is a smaller bear," said Stan Kirkland with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. "I guess 100-125 pounds, it's a young male."

With assistance from the Panama City Fire Department, Florida Fish and Wildlife officials planned to tranquilize the bear in Stanley's backyard. The bear, however, had a different plan.

"They were about to set the tarpaulins course, the bear decided to come down on his own and go about a block over, and change locations," said Kirkland.

At almost 65 feet up in a long leaf pine in the back of the Boyavals yard, this bear only made things more challenging for wildlife officials.  

"As high as he is, there's no way to dart the bear," said Kirkland. "A dart gun just isn't as effective at 60 65 feet."

Therefore, FWC seeked a a much more grounded approach and set up a trap baited with dog food and sardines.

"We're gonna hope he wants a seafood dinner and we'll get him out of here," said Kirkland. 

This bear encounter is the third in a matter of weeks in St Andrews. FWC removed the same adult bear from the community for a second time just last week. Kirkland says he believes this bear came from Tyndall.