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Mexico Beach Awarded Watershed Funding

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The Northwest Florida Water Management District Governing Board last week approved nearly $430,000 in grant funding to the City of Mexico Beach for a stormwater retrofit project that will reduce pollution and improve water quality in the St. Andrew Bay watershed.

“Protection of the St. Andrew Bay system continues to be a top priority for the District,” said George Roberts, Governing Board Chairman. “Along with this grant funding, the District has allocated nearly $3.8 million this fiscal year to the protection of this important watershed.” 

The project includes modifications to the existing stormwater management facility to increase the conveyance and treatment capacity of roadside swales and ditches, which will improve water quality and reduce flooding impacts.

The project also includes the installation of a Nutrient Separating Baffle Box, which will remove pollutants from stormwater before it discharges to the Bay. The baffle box reduces flow velocity, allowing suspended solids to settle into sediment chambers, while a trash rack filters larger debris.  The City of Mexico Beach will monitor the debris level and clean the box as needed.

The District works to protect and improve the St. Andrew Bay system, which is renowned for its environmental and economic resources and is widely recognized as a waterbody of state and national significance. The District continues to partner with local governments to implement improvements to benefit this watershed, including stormwater retrofit and restoration projects and wastewater improvements.