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Shooting Victim's Family: Stop the Violence

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Marquez McGhee was just 24-years-old when he was killed by Xavier Buckler at the Hop-n-Pop food mart in Millville.  Buckler died on scene as well, both men in just their 20's. As family and friends of McGhee mourn they are determined to have their message be heard.  
"I've been with him since I was 15," said Kierra Ceasar, McGhee's girlfriend.

Just two weeks ago, while Ceasar was in Texas, she got a phone call from more than 900 miles away telling her her boyfriend had been killed.  
"I don't even know what to say," said Ceasar. "But, it broke me."

McGhee was involved in a shooting, one that family members say wasn't even his fight. Now family and friends say the violence has to stop.
"It's unnecessary" said Ceasar. "Everything is unnecessary -- all this shooting and the fighting -- it's got to stop because people are losing their lives."

"It needs to cease," said Kimberly Bush, a family friend. "It really does."

Bush says it starts by taking guns off the streets. That's why on July 5th , a day that would have been Marquez's 25th birthday, she and others are planning a rally in hopes to collect guns from the younger generation in the community.  

"Anything to stop it," said Bush. "I know the saying they will get a gun from somewhere else, but at least we will get some of the guns off the streets." 
Panama City Police Chief Scott Ervin says the department collects on average 150 to 250 guns a year and that number is alarming from such a small jurisdiction.  
"The concern that we have is those are just the ones that we find," said Ervin. "You don't know how many others are out there that are not being carried legally."  

But that's why McGhee's family and friends say they will stay vigilant until a message is received from those at the heart of violent acts in the city.  
"We need to take back our city," said Bush. "July 5th there will be as start of a change -- you can best believe that."