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Gov. Rick Scott Signs $77 Billion Budget

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Millions of dollars for education, transportation improvements, and infrastructure will be making their way to Bay County. Gov. Rick Scott signed a new $77 Billion budget into law, just before making a campaign stop in Downtown Panama City.

The Governor, joined by Republican lawmakers in the Panhandle, visited Ink Trax a custom screen printing and embroidery shop that employs about 20 people, Monday afternoon. He spoke about his efforts to help small businesses thrive and touched on the new budget, which he said cuts taxes for families.

"It's a lot more fun than my first year. I walked in with a $3.6 Billion deficit. It's nice to have a budget surplus to work with to make strategic investments to keep our state working, more jobs, improve education, improve transportation, and that's what we did," Gov. Scott said.

Dozens of individual projects in Bay County will receive state funding. Among the largest, $82 Million for construction of a 23rd Street flyover and more than $14 Million to help acquire land needed to expand State Road 390. Gulf Coast State College will get $5 million to build a new stem building, funding that was vetoed last year.

Rep. Jimmy Patronis said as he wraps up his last year in the Florida House of Representatives, he's never been more proud of the state and its accomplishments.

We have learned how to work with the Governor on his priorities. We've also done a better job of educating the Governor on our priorities," Rep. Patronis said.  "As we have worked hand in hand with his office, in order to explain what's important, that's why so many more of Bay County and Northwest Florida's priorities have been addressed."

The Governor vetoed nearly $69 Million in individual projects across the state. In Bay County, he rejected $150 thousand for New Horizons Learning Center.