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Protecting Your Gadgets This Summer

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With the summer season basically here that means more time outdoors at the pool or maybe the beach.  You may want to think of ways to protect your electronic devices if you take them with you.  News 13 has some ideas on simple precautions in this Problem Solver report. 

So you have all of your gear for your trip to the  beach.  But, have you thought about your personal items.?  Robert Korth of Panama City tells us, “basically they are sitting in our stuff our bags…really not too worried about it.”  However, if you are taking your phone you may want take an extra step to possibly save you time and money.
According to Consumer Reports, there are a number of waterproof cases on the market today.  Something as simple as a plastic bag can protect an electronic device from sand and water.  You can still use your touch screen.

Buy a few bags in different sizes to see which ones fit your devices best.  Also, keep devices out of direct sunlight. They can easily overheat. Don't leave them in the car either. It's best to keep that device with you, and in the shade.

A device that's taken a dip in the water can sometimes be salvaged by sticking it in a bowl of dry rice, A-S-A-P. Pull out the battery first, if possible.  A gadget that's logged with sand can benefit from cleaning with a can of compressed air.  And if you're really nervous the summer heat at the beach and your gadget…just leave it at home.. 

It may not be a bad idea to just bring along a regular old book.  If they get wet or won't cost much to replace them.