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Washington County Receives Courthouse Funding

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In Washington County the budget allocated funds for a new courthouse. Governor Rick Scott approved the budget Monday morning and now the county is looking forward to building a new healthy courthouse. County commissioners were shocked with the amount Governor Scott approved, 9.2 million dollars.

The unhealthy courthouse was evacuated in December and condemned due to 12 types of mold. The courthouse has officially hosted it's last trial. County commissioners visited Tallahassee to present the sick courthouse to the state. To renovate the building it was expected to cost 7 million dollars and to rebuild, would run around 8 million dollars.

Commissioners were shocked and thankful for the 9 million allocated to a new government building. Now, a 12 person committee is being assembled, comprised of people from the court system and the sheriff’s office to head the project. From location, to what is salvageable the process will take a few years.

"When we started you know we had no idea where we were going,” said  Interim Clerk Washington County, Harold Bazzel. “But, we knew we didn't have anywhere else to turn because we didn't have the revenue to go down the path we have gone, but with everybody working together, and to see this happen is just unbelievable. It's exciting."

Bazzel says the commission reached out to the governor and said any funding not needed for the courthouse will be given back to the state.