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Bay County Is In Need of Foster Parents

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The Life Management Center of Northwest Florida tries to place as many foster children in local care as possible, but unfortunately the number of children dramatically outweighs the number of foster parents in the area.

"We have an extreme shortage of foster families right now,” said Kasey Killebrew, Fosterinf Recruitment and Retention Specialist. “People don’t realize we have the highest removal rate in the whole state per capita and that’s for reasons like domestic abuse, substance abuse, and its really just a transient area.”

There are 44 foster families right now in Bay County, but there are 83 other children that have been placed in other counties for the duration foster care. That number has grown since last year.

The Life Management Center has made it their goal to find more families who are willing to take on this responsibility.

"We are actually doing a survey right now and most people say its because they feel like they would get too attached and not want to give them back," said Killebrew.

Marcia Croom has fostered four children and has two more coming soon. "I said its one of the hardest things you'll ever do but the most rewarding, to provide structure and love to a child that maybe hasn't had it in the past so they can function and learn and grow as every child should."

She says giving the children back after the foster period can be difficult, but the moments with the children make up for it.

"I am an adult and I have coping skills,” she said. “I’m not afraid to grieve, but I am afraid
what would happen to these children if they didn’t live in a stable home like ours, because where else would they be.”

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