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Walton County Resident Offers Panhandle's Only Certified Aqua-Therapy for Dogs

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The sun is out and that means the temperatures are rising. The summer months have arrived and many people are taking to the water, swimming for fun and exercise. Its called 30A Swim Dog, where dog owners can take their furry friends for a day of fun or healing in the water. Splashing her way into summer, Mocho just couldn't wait to get back in the water and on Thursday she did but not just for fun. "She's three and a half and she's putting on a little weight so it's time to get some exercise for her and this is the perfect outlet for it", said Julie Brown, Mocho's owner.

When the white lab is doggie paddling like a pro, you'd never know she nearly drown a few years ago. "She was a puppy, about four months old, she fell in a pool and it was not a great experience for her. So she was a little bit afraid of water, I thought I was going to have the only lab that would never swim", said Brown.

On Thursday, Mocho had an appointment with the owner of 30A Swim Dog, where the pool is used for K-9 Aquatherapy. "Dogs that have hip issues or arthritis, even though it may hurt them to walk, when they are in the pool, it's so different because it's like they're weightless", said Melanie Barrett, owner of 30A Swim Dog. "The water therapy for the joints, we as humans know how good it is for our joints, for them it's just as good and it just makes her so happy", added Brown.

But Barrett says it's more than recreational, it's also therapeutic. That's why Bella and her owner also stopped by. "Bella has a herniated disk, she was referred to us by a vet. She comes to swim because she can't use her back legs. But once she gets in the pool, her back legs are really strong", said Barrett, who hopes to see her service help dogs like Bella in therapy. "I really feel like it can make a difference in how they walk". 

And owners like Brown are excited to have the opportunity so close to home. "I love it. It's so much fun to watch her have so much fun. I mean this is something obviously I can't take her out every morning for a swim, so she is like a little kid in the candy store, when she see's that water, she is ready to go", said Brown.

30A Swim Dog Website: http://www.30aswimdog.com/
30A Swim Dog Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/30a-Swim-Dog/1444461855797648?fref=ts