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Alys Beach Hosts 7th Annual Digital Graffiti Projection Art Festival

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Best of Show: 

“Layer Pendulum” by Amber Bushnell of Missoula, Montana, USA

“Phylogeny” by Claire Bennett of Toronto, Canada

Best of Florida: “Asteraceae” by David Montgomery of Fernandina Beach, Florida, USA

Curator’s Choice:  “Transition 89-2.0” by LIA of Vienna, Austria

Honorable Mentions:

“Ballet” by Gunja Bose and Sajid Hasan Dilawar of Kolkata, India

“DAXIM14” by Evond Blake of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Transitions” by John Clive of London, UK

Pictures can be found here:


Most of us know graffiti as illegal street art, but in one town in Walton County, Friday night, it's art for a cause. Digital Graffiti is the worlds first projection art festival ever, where everything is completely digital and the spectators may even become a part of the art.

"They should expect to have their eyes, taken hostage by these projections", said Brett Phares, event Curator. 29 pieces of digital art that may take you into a trance, a unique art festival in Alys Beach, this weekend.

"A lot of other festivals are played on a screen, so being able to walk through and experience it as you walk through the different pieces is a lot different than a lot of other festivals I've been in", said Amber Bushnell, an artist competing in the event.

Artists from twelve countries are in town competing for $10,000. The goal, to turn the iconic white buildings into art. "In this place we are able to enjoy it for what it is instead of wondering if there is a huge political faction behind it", said Phares.
"This location specifically because of the white walls is really exciting to work with because sometimes you have surfaces that you have to make white, but this is already here so its exciting to be able to work with something that is already apart of the architecture already", said Bushnell.

And this year, organizers are excited about a new interactive feature. "We are going to have a live Instagram feed as well Caliza so as you are strolling around the event and take pictures, hashtag 'Digital Graffiti 2014. You know as an artist or an architect you get used to seeing something through your eyes, but seeing it through the eyes of somebody else enhances that experience", said Marieanna Khoury-Vogt, town architect.

And it's art for a cause, money raised from ticket sales will go to the Alys Foundation. Bushnell visited before the show to hand pick her canvas, and she will transform this fountain into colorful moving art. "Well, its called Layer Pendulum. You'll see a lot of moving parts that sort of come in and out. It's a loop, so every time you watch it there's gonna be a tiny little difference in what you saw before."

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