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Yellow Flies Taking Over Bay County

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We are just getting into summer, and mosquitoes aren't the only insect problem facing bay county residents... Yellow Flies have come back this season in swarms.

All the rain we had over the last several weeks has created the perfect breeding ground for Yellow Flies, and they're now annoying residents of Bay County.

Yellow Flies are small, yellow, and they look like a bee.

But these bugs don't sting... they bite
"They're a nuisance here," says resident Trell Jones, "We just moved here form Georgia. I've never seen anything like it."

"They have been biting me. Me and my grandpa we work in our shop, and there were 20 of them in there today," adds another resident Anthony Newton.

"Oh man, I was at Mexico Beach last week one day," resident Cindy Mott explains, "And one bit me on the leg, and I thought 'What the heck!' I looked down and a yellow fly on my leg."

Matthew Riles is an entomologist at the Beach Mosquito Control District, and he explains the behavior of these pesky flies.

"They do feed on blood," Riles says, "The female Yellow Fly will take a blood meal. They do this to generate protein so they can propagate the species and lay eggs."

And people in Bay County say that their bites are more than an annoyance.

"Well they hurt right at the beginning. But then they itch like mosquito bites or ant bites," Newton explains.

Riles says that normal bug repellent with deet won't keep Yellow Flies off of you.

However, he says a different kind of spray, called Cactus Juice, works especially well against them.