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Boy Scout Troop #300 Shows Respect to the U.S. Flag

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It is a symbol of our nation’s strength and unity and when it becomes worn it requires a respectful retirement.

That is what Boy Scout Troop #300 in Lynn Haven did to more than 50 United States flags.

The young men spent the evening showing respect to our Country through their flag retirement ceremony.

Flags were properly cut, separated, and places in barrels of fire by troop members.

Scout Master Rob Adams says the retirement of the flags shows the utmost respect to a true symbol of America’s courage and strength.

“As a Veteran, it’s extremely important,” said Adams. “The flag means everything to us, it’s a symbol of our Country, and it’s a symbol of the people who have died to keep us free and to show it the last respect is everything.”

The ashes of the flags will be released into the Gulf as the final burial place.