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Gulf World Celebrates World Oceans Day

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The world's most beautiful beaches here in Bay County are not just a place for fun... The Gulf of Mexico also serves as a major resource in the Panhandle.

That makes it all the more important to protect it and, today Gulf World Marine Park pulled out all the stops to convey this message to their customers.

June 8th is world oceans day across the country, so Gulf World did everything they could think of to make sure their customers were aware of how they can help protect their oceans.

Normally visitors at gulf world marine park are just treated to shows and exhibits, but today kids, adults, and sea creatures alike got the opportunity to celebrate World Oceans Day at the park together.

It’s a day dedicated to celebrating and educating people about the blue portions of our planet.

"I'm hoping that people will take away just education in general about our oceans," says Education Coordinator Stephanie Nagle, "I hope they take away something that they didn't realize before and take away something that they can use in the future to help benefit our oceans and help protect our oceans."

"Together we have the power to protect the ocean" was the mantra for the day.

Gulf world also used the day to unveil their spiffy new vehicle donated by the sea turtle conservancy.

"It's going to enhance the transportation. If we have to transport any sea turtles, whether they're coming here for rehabilitation or to transport them to release back into the Gulf of Mexico," says Nagle about the new vehicle.

And at the end of the day, Nagle feels that World Oceans Day specifically applies to the people of bay county.

By taking care of our oceans today, the next generation can enjoy them tomorrow.

"It's important that all the animals find good homes and live safely in the water," says Haylee, a young visitor at the park.

The three main objectives of the day are to:
  • Help reduce marine debris by eliminating junk
  • Obtain a renewable energy credit to help combat ocean acidification
  • Spread the word about sustainable seafood