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Crossfit Is A Game Changer For Many People

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When Crossfit was created over a decade ago, the sport had one lone gym in Seattle, Washington. Fast forward to now, and over 9,000 gyms, or boxes as they're called in the Crossfit world, exist. The all teach people to work hard, lose weight, feel good about themselves, and for many, Crossfit changes their lives, and that goes for people right here in the Panhandle.

"The movements, the workouts we do is very difficult, so when they finally realize they can do them themselves, it's a huge confidence boost, it's just helpful across the board," said Panhandle Crossfit head coach Adam Cantrell.

It's helpful in confidence, and for many, helpful in making themselves a better person.

"Crossfit has completely and 100% changed my life," said Allison Carter, who trains at Panhandle Crossfit. "It's changed my morale in life, it's made me a better person throughout my entire life, it's helped my family, and it's just overall, it's made me a more well-rounded individual."

"Since doing I've lost close to 40 pounds," said Emerald Coast Crossfit member Joseph Tierney. "I've had health issues. It's helped me control my diabetes, it's helped me control my blood pressure, it's helped me increase my strength tremendously, and overall, it's been a very good experience for me."

It's that experience that drove close to 200 people to compete in one of the largest competitions Bay County has ever seen, and it's that experience that keeps changing lives.

"There's nobody here that loses," said Tierney. "Everybody is here to do something better, to better themselves. It's friendly, everybody gets along, and that's what makes it a really good sports event."

"There's definitely a little bit of friendly rivalry, a little poking fun at each other, but at the end of the day, we all want to see each other succeed," said Cantrell. "When one of the teams behind me gets done, they're going to be motivating the team right next to them to get done at the same time."

They are getting it done with that grit, determination, and will to succeed.