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Millville Family Becomes Target to Possible Arson

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A Millville resident finds her porch up in flames after she hears a big boom outside her home.

Around 3:00 A.M., Cherika Lewis and her family helped put out the flames which Panama City Police believes were the result of a molotov cocktail. They found remnants of one at the scene.

A molotov cocktail is a a device typically consisting of a bottle filled with flammable liquid with a means of ignition. 

Lewis and her family were not harmed in the incident but says it could have been a lot worse considering the device came close to their front window. 

Panama City Police are working this as a possible arson case with the State Fire Marshall's office.

This incident occurred about a half hour before shots rang out in Panama City off of Martin Luther King Boulevard for the fourth time in less than a month. Lewis says this recent spike in violence concerns her, especially after this incident hits home.

"It's ridiculous," said Lewis. "It's time for everyone to get themselves together and figure out a better way to live their life instead of trying to destroy other peoples life and their happiness and their joy. Something got to give."