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Say Goodbye to Yellow Flies with Homemade Trap

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There's no doubt flies can be pretty annoying, but some also pack a nasty bite. Yellow flies are no stranger to Bay county and you're probably noticing them more and more lately as the months of May and June mark the peak season for the pest. 

Cindy Mulla with Beach Mosquito Control District says making your own trap to put in the backyard of your home is easy and effective.

What you'll need:
-Beach Ball 
-Glossy Black Spray Paint
-Tangel-Trap Sticky Coating

Mulla says once the beach ball is inflated, you need to spray paint it with glossy black spray paint and to remember to wear proper safety gear as well while doing so.

Once the beach ball is dry, tie string around rubber mouth piece, in order to hang it in your backyard. Mulla says to hang it four feet from the ground, away from your actual home, so they aren't lured to your front door. It can be tied to a tree or to some kind of stand. It's important that it is hanging so that it is able to sway and lure the flies.

Once in place, apply the Tangelfoot Pest Barrier over the entire beach ball. Mulla says this product is in high demand right now, and suggests Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier as an alternative. These products can be found at hardware stores.

Mulla says this should last you through the season of yellow flies, which runs through November.

Other methods of protection include riding of the underbrush around your home and applying repellents to exposed skin. Mulla recommends products with picaridin. She suggests reading all labels before using anything since every skin type is different. These flies are persistent biters though, so she recommends reapplying frequently.