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Cobragator, A New Sci-Fi Movie Filming in Jackson County

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The cameras roll again in the panhandle. Another movie is being filmed this week in Jackson County. This movie will feature many different locations throughout Jackson County, like the Florida Caverns State Park, the swamps and the underwater caves. The movie is called Cobragator.

"Action". Jackson County is starring in another movie. Steven Goldenberg is producing the movie with Goldenbird Productions out of Malibu California. Goldenberg said, "Jackson County is awesome for filming, we love it here. The locals love us, we love them."

Goldenberg and the crew are inspired by the local feel. "We even cast a guy right out of a restaurant, we watched him go around and talk to everyone and thought it was charming and asked 'hey, do you want to be in this film."

The movie is a Science Fiction Thriller, starring Michael Madsen and other notable actors. "I'm a hunter that they bring in to fight this gator the character is built to handle it, it's got a lot of boo scares, a lot of action, I get to dive in the water and have fun with the gator", said Paul Logan, one of the actors. 

Here's a little teaser for the movie without giving too much away. Jesse Bernstein, another actor in the movie, said, "I play Nathan, who winds up living and gutting the gator with his pocket knife".

The cast and crew are stoked about where they're filming. "The location is awesome, we got swamp, water, caves, couldn't ask for a better place", said Goldenberg. Logan added, "everything is here locally. You can almost point the camera 3 different ways, and have three different scenes." 

Filming in and near water can bring it's own set of challenges. Bernstein said, "thankfully there are no alligators and we haven't run into any water moccosins" 

Can they defeat the cobragator? You'll have to watch and find out. The cast and crew will be filming all weekend and the movie should be completed later this year.